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Ghostly Encounter Image Spot

My vision on this campaign was to create a warped world of tension. The series is told by people having a paranormal experience. Using their words and only brief clips of reenactments, we create a spooky world of fear, panic and tales from beyond.

24 Marathon

Ok, this was a wacky idea, but when I got this assignment to promote 5 hours of 24, I just couldn’t get FIVE-24 out of my head. Lucky for me the CD let me run with it. What else can I say?

Parking Wars Facebook Game

I’ve produced several Facebook and web game promos for A & E including Creaturepedia, the Critterizer and Storage Wars. The promos may look simple but the work involves getting all high rez, HD size files from the game creator, finding or creating artwork and working very closely with an animator to recreate the game in 2-D. Designer, animator: Sharon David, Whoosh Studios