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zoom lensesRapunzel Productions is a boutique production company and promo agency headed by Lynn Gregorski-Bosi.   The company offers services of copywriting, TV production, field producing and shoot directing, email and social media marketing.  Work includes on-air promotion campaigns, sales/affiliate marketing tapes, web content, brand bridges, direct response advertising, sales and marketing kits.

Lynn Gregorski-Bosi is Senior Producer with experience leading and collaborating with creative teams in cable television.  Skills include creating and executing promotional campaigns, graphics packages, sales and marketing tapes and co-branded ad sales spots.  Rapunzel (Lynn) works on a per project or freelance basis.

Copywriter and Producer

Copywriter and producer of on-air promotions, topical promotions, marketing tapes, upfront campaigns, affiliate marketing, web content, co-branded commercials, print advertising. Strong storyteller. Quick turn-around.

  • Created six two-minute web sneak peeks for Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, from existing footage.
  • Producer of A & E Network promos for the Sopranos for three seasons, and the highly- rated series Intervention for eight seasons.
  • Researched and scripted The Weather Channel’s Water Conservation PSA campaign of twelve spots over a weekend.

Television and Film Production

Executive Producer of video, film and animation projects, working from inception to completion.  Effective at producing shoots, creating storyboards, conducting script changes.  Field producer for programming and marketing projects.  Supervise editing and mix sessions.

  • Worked with design houses to create CNBC on-air promotion elements and network IDs, including animated and stop-motion photography campaigns.
  • Designed and produced A & E co-branded animated spots for Nationwide and Liberty Mutual with in-house designers.
  • Worked as independent production company to create corporate campaign video for Merrill Lynch and The Weather Channel’s 20th Anniversary video.

Management and Communication

Experienced in leading teams large and small.  Successfully managed CNBC on-air promotion department of fifteen producers, freelance and staff.  Director of Affiliate Marketing for CBS MarketWatch, working closely with radio, TV and web partners and affiliates.  Project management on upfront campaigns, sales tapes and corporate videos for The Food Network and The Weather Channel.


  • Executive Producer and Producer for Upfront video presentations for the Food Network.
  • Producer for The Weather Channel’s Upfront Sizzle and marketing pods.
  • Promo producer of A & E’s Emmy-Award winning series Intervention for six seasons.
  • Created CNBC network positioning: Profit From It. Doubled CNBC network ratings and improved demos for daytime business news and prime time
  • Creative Director for charity Halfway Hounds marketing and advertising including print, advertising, website, direct mail and social media.
  • Producer of A & E’s The Recovery Project marketing tape.
  • Created CNBC network positioning: Profit From It. Doubled CNBC network ratings and improved demos for daytime business news and prime time.

Clients include A & E, The Biography Channel, Lifetime, The Weather Channel, Food Network, HGTV, WEtv, Definition 6, VOOM and Merrill Lynch.

Television Promotion and Production